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Support Services

The School Counselor

Constance O'Brien, is available to all students to discuss academic or social topics. Ms. O'Brien offers individual and group counseling. Passes are available in homeroom. In an emergency, the student can speak to the teacher and the teacher will contact the counselor immediately. Parents may contact the school counselor to discuss any issues or concerns. To contact her please email constance.o'

The Social Worker

Elizabeth DeMatos, works with individual students or small groups of students. Ms. Dematos also meets with parents and provides referrals to outside agencies which might help parents and families. To contact her please email

The Speech and Language Pathologist

Kyra Umbreit, works with students that have difficulty with their communication and supports teachers as they plan instruction.

The School Psychologist

Mark Shuck, administers specialized tests, provides interventions, and works with individual students and groups of students. Mr. Shuck also works with parents and other professionals outside of school to support students with their success at school. To contact him please email

The Reading Consultant

Heather Burke works with teachers to plan reading instruction. The reading consultant and the reading assistants also offer reading groups for specific students. In addition, the reading consultant organizes testing and support services for students who are learning English as a second language. To contact her please email